The Wild Future

Imagination is The New World Order

What if we lived in a wildly playful future where people understood the powerful relationship between their imaginations, their stories and their identities? What if we created a world where every place on the planet was utterly unique and reflected the resources available in each particular spot? These are the ideas that The Wild Futures project will explore with young Rwandans aged 18-24 in January and February. Working in one of the shantytowns on the edge of Kigali, we will forage in the area for available materials then help the students to create a fashion style for themselves from what’s available as well as create street installations and transform the insides of a couple of homes. We will imagine a wild new identity for the neighborhood that will culminate in an interactive performance piece that the whole community can participate in. We all have the ability to change the world around us by using our imaginations. We all have the capability to change the story we are living in.

This project is a collaboration between Ajax Axe of the Cipher Society, Phoebe Mutetsi of The Art House and Kenyan-Canadian artist Coltrane Mcdowell. They will be working with the youth centre in Kigali to organize the group of young people who will be participating in the project.  The ultimate aim of the project is to empower communities to imagine and create new collective stories and visions for their individual and collective futures.